Ay, qué nerviossss!!!! Esta noche llegan los Reyes y llevamos todo el día súper nerviosos. Hemos sido muy buenos, así que esperamos que los Reyes nos hagan una visita esta noche. Ya hemos limpiado los zapatos, hemos limpiado y ordenado la casa y, por último – pero no menos importante- hemos preparado algo para que…

Hummus remolacha

Hummus with beetroot

Pink is one of my favourite colours, but I tend to stay away from pink food because it’s usually full of additives and artificial colouring. However, the dip I’ve prepared this week —I’m so in love with it!— is delicious, very healthy and oh, so pretty! I simply added one beetroot to my classic hummus…

Muffins de cardamomo

Cardamom and anise muffins

I love spices and adding them to well-known recipes is one of my favourite hobbies. In Spain it’s not very common to use cardamom, most of us have tried it for the first time in curry and that’s it. However, cardamom becomes the master and commander of taste when it is part of a dessert….