bizcochitos especiados de calabaza

Dairy-free pumpkin muffins

I don’t think I could survive without spices. I especially love cinnamon and ginger. Just a pinch makes anything taste much better, don’t you agree?  The thing is, despite my spice-addiction, I had never baked pumpkin muffins. Incredible, I know!  I’m more of a savoury person, that’s why I’ve always used pumpkin in creams and soups….

Coca de calabacín y cebolla morada

Zucchini flatbread with red onion

Veggie pizzas or flatbreads are one of our favourite family dinners. They’re healthy, simple and quick! I love to use seasonal products, so we can always enjoy fresh local produce. My favourite combinations are: mushrooms and garlic with asparagus, red and green pepper, tomato and basil, and… zucchini with red onion. Yummy and healthy, isn’t…

Dairy-free Apple Pancakes with Spelt Flour

One of dad’s favourite expressions is “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so you can imagine there’s always a big bowl full of apples in our family kitchen. Apples are awesome, they’re delicious, healthy, there’s a ton of varieties… it’s a great fruit! But we’re sure some of you are not members of…

Coca ligera de pimientos, ajetes y tomate tigre: vitamiiiiinas

¡Vitamiiiiiinas! ¿No os parece que esta preciosidad está diciendo eso? Pues es cierto, esta coca está cargadita de vitaminas y, además, está deliciosa. Una comida sana y ligera para empezar las vacaciones de primavera. Estoo…  ¿primavera? ¿con el frío que hace y lo que está lloviendo? Sí, pero son vacaciones y eso lo compensa todo…