chuletón de coliflor

Cauliflower steak

People who love food somehow end up talking about cooking wherever they are. It happens to me all the time. In fact, last week I met a few friends to talk about our latest tv series discovery —by the way,  Line of Duty ‘s last season is incredible! —, but we ended up discussing about whether I…

bizcocho de chocolate vegano

Vegan dark chocolate cake

Chocolate must be a magical word because most of us start smiling and feeling better just mentioning it. 😉 The best of all is that chocolate is healthy, that is, pure dark chocolate, minimum 80 % cocoa unadulterated with milk, sugar or anything else. Antioxidant and stimulating, cocoa is both delicious and healthy. Why am…

bizcochitos especiados de calabaza

Dairy-free pumpkin muffins

I don’t think I could survive without spices. I especially love cinnamon and ginger. Just a pinch makes anything taste much better, don’t you agree?  The thing is, despite my spice-addiction, I had never baked pumpkin muffins. Incredible, I know!  I’m more of a savoury person, that’s why I’ve always used pumpkin in creams and soups….

Coca de calabacín y cebolla morada

Zucchini flatbread with red onion

Veggie pizzas or flatbreads are one of our favourite family dinners. They’re healthy, simple and quick! I love to use seasonal products, so we can always enjoy fresh local produce. My favourite combinations are: mushrooms and garlic with asparagus, red and green pepper, tomato and basil, and… zucchini with red onion. Yummy and healthy, isn’t…

quiche de espinacas

Spinach and pine nuts quiche (dairy-free)

La receta que os traigo hoy es una de las básicas que tengo siempre en la recámara para esas semanas en las que sé que no voy a tener tiempo (o ganas) de hacer nada. Descubrí los quiches cuando era estudiante y en época de exámenes no cocinaba otra cosa. Eran ideales: apenas tenía que…