Dairy-free Apple Pancakes with Spelt Flour

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One of dad’s favourite expressions is “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so you can imagine there’s always a big bowl full of apples in our family kitchen. Apples are awesome, they’re delicious, healthy, there’s a ton of varieties… it’s a great fruit!

But we’re sure some of you are not members of the “Fruit-Lovers Club”, are we right? Don’t worry, with this recipe you’ll also benefit from the apple’s vitamins and you’ll enjoy it!

A few years ago we saw  Jamie Oliver prepare this recipe with his kids (we think it was a Christmas special on C4…) and since then, our pancakes have always been fruit pancakes. We usually prepare them with not-too-sweet apples (or pears) because we like the contrast with the sugar, jam, syrup… but you can add whatever you prefer 🙂

What’s your favourite combination?

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